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Which type of device will I need?
Teams are advised to have at least one device such as a tablet or laptop between them. Mobile phones are permitted but will not be suitable as the only team device.


Do teachers need to attend day two?

No, our friendly volunteers and committee will oversee all teams on day two.


Do all volunteers have a valid WWCC?

Yes they do


Do teams need to be from the same school?

No, just like in the real world, collaboration spans beyond the classroom. We encourage youth from a diversity of backgrounds to work together.


What is we have a mixed age team?

That is great. Enter the category based on your eldest team members age. For example if you have an adult on the team, you enter the open category. If you have a 14 year old, + 2 x 10 year olds, that team would enter the secondary competition.


What if my child doesn't attend school, can they still participate on day one?

Absolutely, please contact our team via email and this will be arranged for you


We are a school outside of Peel. Can we still attend Day One?

Please contact our team via email and we will see what we can do


What is GoSH Hackathon?

What is GoSH Day 2 Hackathon?

(Hack definition here) Our Hackathon competition is a problem solving competition, looking for amazing teamwork, creative thinking, and future thinking based around technology.

You will enter as a team of 2-5 people from anywhere. You don’t all have to be at the same school. You enter the category of your oldest team member.

PRIMARY: You have 3 hours (at MBC) SECONDARY: You have 6 hours (at MCC) OPEN: You have 6 ½ hours (at FIPWA)

You will be competing against other teams for some HUGE prizes!
On the day, you will be given a choice of 4 problems based around the UN Sustainability Goals and related to our region.

In your team you will brainstorm ideas about how you might solve this problem with technology. The technology doesn’t have to exist yet.


What judges are looking for

What Will The Judges Want to See?
There are stages of your problem/solution development that the judges will be looking for:

1) Be able to show brainstorming (this could be on paper, on a whiteboard, in a mind map, using an app, drawing). However you like, as long as you can show the judges you did it.

2) Select an idea as a team, based on your brainstorming. Be able to explain to the judges how you came to a decision as a team.

3) Clearly write/type/display your solution statement/idea. Eg. We are solving XXXX problem by XXXXXXX

4) Begin design process. This can be done as a storyboard on paper, using an app, or physically creating a first draft

5) Be able to demonstrate/talk to judges about what you like or didn’t like about your idea. Show how you made changes and improvements.

6) Create a prototype – this means a copy of what your idea/solution will be (so it doesn’t have to work). This can be in a variety of form. For example, on paper, on an app, built with paper, built with LEGO, coded, in 3D, as a game. There are no restrictions

7) Pitch your idea. As a group, you will need to explain your idea clearly to the judges and answer any questions they may have about the above steps. This is not done in front of everyone or on a stage.


Tips for the Hackathon

- Your solution must link to the Sustainable Development Goal(s) You will be shown these on the day and you can also look them up now.

- Your solution must involve technology as the main solution. For example, you can’t say your solution is a new law and that people can look up the new law on their phones. But you can say a new app will be on everyone’s phone and then explain the app.

- You will be judged on teamwork and how you work as a group.

- Record everything as you go. The judges will be looking at your processes, not just a finished idea/prototype.

- It is possible for a team to score highly without a finished prototype. If you show team work, trial and error, testing and developing, creativity, strong links to the sustainability goals, you can still pck up a lot of points and possibly even win.


Are spectators allowed at the Day Two Hackathon event on Saturday?

Parents and spectators are invited to attend the opening ceremony and the presentations at the end of the event. The competition floor will be closed to parents during the event but we will have plenty of mentors supporting the teams who are all qualified in their fields and have Working With Children Checks. If your child has individual needs and requires a support person, this is of course permitted. Participants will also be able to call their parents if they are nervous or anxious.


We need a list of paperwork as required by the Department of Education for an excursion plan, are you able to provide this?

Yes, we have a pack of all required documents ready to be emailed to you and to help make your job easier. See you at GoSH!

Need more info?

If you have not found the answer you were looking for please contact our GoSH Team for more information

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