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Lexy McDonald

Young Entrepreneur, Change Maker and CEO & Founder of HerHelp


Lexy McDonald

We used AI and asked ChatGPT to tell us about our awesome GoSH Speakers. Here is what it came up with!

At just 17, Lexy embarked on a mission to create a safe online space through the 'HerHelp' app, driven by their own experiences with bullying and feeling alone in their struggles. Through their work – which is self-taught and self-funded – they have helped tens of thousands of people, employed numerous professionals, and even saved lives. Their vision tackles the fear of seeking help, the toxicity of social media, and the lack of connection in mental health, by providing resources and connecting users with experts and peers. Lexy's inspiring presence extends beyond the digital realm through volunteering, speaking engagements, and empowering women. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that no one ever feels alone.

What it's like to build your own empire at a young age?

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